Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!

A moment!

My exception from being myself in middle of the day with work on my mind! 

A moment from all I seek to steal,
In the chaos around even my breath reeks,
Though hundreds of thoughts cloud,
I steal to crease a moment….
As I try to fold but it opts to shroud,
I try to unravel to live it as mine,
It holds on and says I shall be yours…
If you live me as mine and only mine,
Gripped by mind and dour thoughts,
How could I be alone from all my sorts?
And the scuffle ensued to fill my mind,
To give up the tenacity and breathe a fresh,
As I sighed I found the golden moment smiling,
Wrapped around me giving me strength….
And let relax the mind to give up all,
And live with smile at least that moment of mine….  



Aruna said...

Very Nice....

Anonymous said...

Its very difficult to search words for the appreciation of your poems.

Jingle said...

wonderfully said.
I like the image your words create.

Jingle said...

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Happy Sunday!

Short Poems said...

Lovely poem, and so true! Very inspiring. love it :)

Anonymous said...

Great poem! :D

Brian Miller said...

a beautiful verse...i love those perfect moments that seem to wrap around you...

luna12708 said...

I love your choice of words and somehow the poem expresses a calmness, I don't know how to explain it; but very nice work.

Shas said...

Beautifully penned.

Jingle said...

visit poets who were here,
keep following because they are more likely follow you rest of the time...
that's on behalf of you.
i value your contribution!

island of peace said...

Vey beautiful. sometimes we yearn to break free, to steal a few moments from the hectic day for our soul- if we can, it works wonder.