Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!

A day!!!

Yet another day breezed through,
And the ripple went unheard,
In the moments of glory and joy,
I had my castles and they succumbed although...
On to the mesh the trickled water…
Settled and still yet cemented just gazed,
Its virtue and importance as nothing,
And was never raised…
Still poised and posed to hold the mesh,
I wonder if it’s a belief or there’s a hush,
Or the tangled and twisted metal’s tacit,
To have himself filled and get owned,
By someone’s emotional pelf…………
Though the dual continued to define my virtue,
Within me, by me, for me and the slitting curfew…
 Lost and won the same war and my reconciled scars,
I have it in me as all do but where is my tart……….
And I continue to wonder all my day and seeking that final ATLAST!  



Jingle said...


two poetry awards,
plus two general awards are given to you via this link.
thank you for the unique contribution!

Jingle said...

nice job!

Jingle said...


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