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A Rash!

It’s about an exception of life where pollen could have led to a life instead it opts an exception and goes on to cause a rash. An unsuspecting beauty, her milky skin and the pollen. 
A spec as pollen that flew in from eternity,
Find its way and sat on the skin exuding serenity,
A twitch that followed saw streams of blood gushing,
As if making a thorn to seat for its comfort and creasing,
It was destined to impregnate the virgin and lease a life…
But the sensitive skinned beauty took it as strife,
Itched she robbed the pollen of its virtue and pride,
The thorn her milky peel offered, ravaged from unruly tide,  
Smashed and robbed off tethered, an island of red stayed…
Life could have been in blossom, if the spec wasn’t grayed,
But it wasn’t the nails of beauty that bunked a life,
It wasn’t pollen’s destiny to flay an amusing sigh,
Had the place being different, the scene would have differed,
A bud would have swollen and life wouldn’t have dithered…



Jingle said...

beautiful images...
Thank you for the participation!

Jingle said...

let me know after you are done visiting 12 or more poets...
Thank you.
Happy Friday!

island of peace said...

very interesting take on misplaced pollen.

good one.

Shas said...

Wow! wonderfully expressed :)

Amit Khanna said...

Thanks guys! you all made my day. @trisha @ shas you guys are awesome.
@ Jingle: you rock!

Viola said...

This poem is really beautiful and wonderfully expressed. I enjoyed reading it very much. Thank you for stopping by Viola's and William's public blog to read my friend's poem, her name is Marilyn. I am sure she has not seen your comment yet, but I know she is thankful for it.