Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!


May the nemesis of laughter be a smile!
The misty lashes but the mystic eyes,
Oh that’s the love and is a joyful ride….
 Did I barter my mindful mind?
For something I never imagined to try,
And still I cherish as any of naives
In days the dreams and nights so awake,
Clingy warmth and soul just raised,
As if sans bees’ driping honey from the hives,
And out of nothing those sighs,
Talks with moon when gets to linger,
As a soul I feel the shinny clincher…
Of all the lives around I am alive….
Yes in love the nemesis of laughter are the smiles….


Rob said...

fantastic i really liked the positivity

R, TGC said...


Tarun said...

Good one... Its nice!

Amit Khanna said...

Thanks Guys!