Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!

Two souls

Two souls when sat apart,                             
Tied with their roots not hearts,
They sat helpless and bound,
Waiting to be mobbed by the hounds,
Under trees of disbelief,
They had their tree but not a belief,
They knew the destiny,
Fate they speculated,
Those tears used to flow,
With grin on lips to show,
But for long now……
They never complained,
Under the shadows of those trees,
Shrivel leaves paved way to heat,
Those blisters of disgust used to pain,
They sat silent but never stood to complain,
At times used to stare the sky,
But the mercy of almighty never spared an eye,
Still somewhere in heart souls wished,
Of some soul to be as a bliss
Hopes sparrow sat on the shoulders of those,
Showed few chinks in illusion’s hour,
A ray of hope was coming strong,
They linked themselves with a hope,
That took them to fly…………
With shackles not free but defied,
Still hopes were few…………
The world they reached was robotic,
No charms and sans any harms,
But the relief sans being hectic,
They could feel the drying tears,
But some where at heart………
They wished for the charms,
Lord was not so harsh,
He lend them a spot,
To meet share and to forget the past,
They couldn’t believe……….
They were about to be relieved,
And destiny smiled…………
They held their hands together,
That bond didn’t provide a weight,
They never surfaced to earth,
But further in skies they moved,
The feel of heaven they could have…..
There with their shackles they sighed
And life went on and on and on………..!


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