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Magic fingers!

Modernization- what does it mean? One of its traits is talking about rationalism. But what about the “justice of God” or it’s just a chance. Tails are many believe it or not as exceptions just house themselves between belief and disbelief. Fear of God can be seen with bells ringing in temples and chanting of mantras around “yaggas”. Definition of rationalism and faith of existence of oneself, Powers of evil and holy. The debate can linger. Many believe and others just negate their existence even.

Schools, colleges are considered to be temple of studies and discipline. But what about a feeling called pride? Which creeps in from nowhere. Reasons are many. Few are proud of their parents’ capability, few for their own capacity to outshine people around.

ARE YOU PROUD? Watch what proud can do.

This is a story of girl called Shiba, Intercollegiate table tennis champion. Just like any other college goers she could be found with her friends discussing every thing from films to teachers. Shiba in herself could feel the difference how her friends treat her. She could see how willingly her talks were heard.

Her magic fingers got her fame. She loved every moment of fame and recognition she could well think of her magic fingers, which were just the best.

Clinching her certificate of being a champion and a shrewd smile was enough indicator of her feeling proud. As her friends sang the saga of her triumph. She was overjoyed, unknowingly proud crept into her soul.

She talked how she deceived her opponent with her quickness; her talks were clear indication of her confidence, which was fast turning into proud. As college and gossips for the day inched towards the close, she moved with her friends, which for her were mere bunch of praising people. She called for her driver who was there standing with her car.

She left with a feeling of pride. Not far she got struck in a traffic blockade. From her air-conditioned car’s window her eyes got stuck on a man working with a heavy hammer he was continuously hammering a iron peace that was irritating “for the princess with magic fingers” she got off, moved towards that man and asked, “would you stop hammering? It’s irritating.” That man gave no reply, baffled by this her tone became insulting, and she yells, “hey don’t you listen”.

That man turned his face towards her; sweating with cracked lips and thirst apparent on his face he gave a pale look. She almost got scared on seeing his face.

She turned to her car and moved away. On her way home she thinks everyone in this world has got hands but how her hands are getting her fame while many people just manage to use them for hammering. This thought amused her and brought a smile on her lips. But that man’s face was saying something she feels and starts sweating on remembering his face. That half covered face with sweat allover and shivering lips with thirst.

With all these thoughts running in her mind she reached home. Mother’s hug gave her a bit of relief. She opted to go to bed early. Around mid night a noise disturbed her she got off from her bed and moved out of the room, her heart was beating she didn’t want to go out but her feet were just not stopping. She started sweating, she reached the backyard of her house, to her shock she found that same person whom she met while returning from college he was hitting iron with his hammer she gathered courage to ask him,” what he is doing and why he only use his hands for these hard tasks, these hands are Gods best gift to human and you make use for such works?” She continues with taunting, “or your hands are not as good as mine who have got magic fingers.” She smiled and tried to walk away. That man called her and said “ you know I earn my living by doing this hard ship and you find it amusing”.
Then he started weeping and suddenly stops, crushed his teeth and said “ hey I curse you if you will see your hands your fingers will get bitten off.” She got scared and that man again started weeping. She shouted, pleading, ” please free me from this curse.”

Please release me from this curse…….

But that man disappeared crying. She wanted to see if that man was saying right or just lying but she couldn’t gather courage to check that because she loved her fingers. Amidst all anxiety she got shaken up and to her surprise she found herself in her bed, sweating and frightened. She could hardly say anything and took her hands to roll over her face to wipe out the sweat. When her palm crossed her eyes, she could feel something wet in her hands, she screamed, as that was blood her fingers were missing……………….

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