Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!

Exception to life..!

Is death an exception to life or truth in itself?

Few lines dedicated to this ultimate exception of life.....

When on pyre I will lay,
Will the tears roll down your cheeks?
Will your tongue move to tell your say?
Or with my end my dreams will turn to shambles,
Will you hold my hand to give my death some grace?
Or in desperation my soul will lay,
Will you admit some love for me?
Or in hatred hell I will be?
Will your eyes rock on the sight of mine?
Or with rock hearted in sorrow my soul will cry,
These are the pangs, which hangs around me,
And will stay till I die,
Dreams of heaven, which I had the past day,
Its ruins are still there to cry,
Why all this, why all this………
May be I am the bait for somebody’s life!!!!


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