Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!

Eternal bliss and love that lingers...

Just on the way to somewhere,
Above the world, beyond the skies,
Its been a ride through unknown ties,
Shallow though deep, joys just heaped, 
A ride through clouds, smile by my side,
Its all green, through the blues so high...
Cherished, blessed, winking for once,
Soul smiled holding bliss that's us...


Wishful, delighted and spirited it pumps,
It's my heart that jumps,
Seems forever its been living for all,
At last a moment to reflect at falls,
Petite, I strive to be...
Joyous and sprinting its ought to be,
It remains an exception after all,
That's how it is and it might be for long...

Amit Khanna Ph.D.

It's been a while...

It’s been a while and I miss the frolic,
Heights of sand dunes must have shifted,
Out of breath and smiling, that virtuous mine,
Now an unease is all that dwells the mind,
Really it’s been a while…

Thoughts engaged the heart with a promise...
Of love and vivacious one-self sans a despise,
As warmth lingered in shivers from vexatious ice,
Since I have seen souls ripped for a pious dime,
Really it’s been a while…

Have I moved so much to be moved by any fie?
Rotten virtues and morals littered riding a tide,
It’s been a while I cried for broken toys of mine,
Have I been blinded, oblivious of heart tethering crime?
Really it’s been a while…

Still innocence sprinkles to halt the demonizing demise,
An exception of exceptions for love says… its fine…
and I ignore the ruthless murderous sights sine die,
praying for bliss and for all to be jocund heartily sized…
Really it’s been a while!   

Amit Khanna
Founder, BioInformatics Support and Analysis


A screech, a cry and the scattered shards,
All but a stained view and a lifeless mass,
It had it in it a gory and to talk mumbles for all,
Stunned among ruins he was the only one tall,
It was gibberish soothing and it exploded though itself,
Tall he was but was just a speck on his crumbled pelf,
A tale of love and ginormous nothing but love,
He held on his belief and stood by his trove,
Trove of passion, serene love and faith's might,
He had it in him to offer his life that night...
He held his beloved and ignored the deception,
To tread high he imagined a height of affection,
Mercilessly slaughtered and shattered just an utter fie,
Tomb says the date but he died long ago when even alive...

And I live...

It rained, it was sane and I sang my songs...
It occurred, wasn't obscured, still to me it belongs,
It was fun, wasn't funny, instilled some laughs,
I revere the love, the muse, the frolic it flaunts,
Back in days, nostalgic, I stress...
Fingers through my hairs and the careness,   
I have been blessed and still blissful and it counts,
The ravines of Love longing and distance taunts,
Steps far destined never promised same firs,
and now the downs rake up more than stirs,
Those dawn strolls on the dew laden grass,
Hand in hand clubbed, blinded worldly farce,
And the destiny amused and ironic it reads,
The land I belong is mixed, it's for me to pick the joyous leads....


A misty mystic day!

A misty mystic day!!
A word, to a dead, to alive to breath in own ways,
Mastic mist and a mystic aura, it rained all day,
Shrines glittered and shanties melted; an unknown craze...
I passed by a puddle; filled but paltered for anyone's sate,
No thought stayed for long and mind whistled the haze,
I stared at dripping souls of unknown and never dazed...
Erosive possessive soul of mine, flinched but stayed,
Frightened, gasping humanity barely held on to say,
Possession soothes, and material longs as it may...
It has been an era to munch like a miser, likened to Sade,
Clouds saddled in horizon to leak; a joyous betray,
Teary turfy for future and smiles per say,
Been to those skies and hated grounds; a terrifying maze,
Still breathing; haven't seen all for me in destined tray.....


And the move...

And the move...
A stride, a lunge, a make belief,
Does it end anywhere with a smile strewn?
a wait around the corner and sighs...
divulge the nefarious me... soul shouts!
Its been a time I moved still held back to some tombs,
of regret, passion and pride... namesakes to me...  
a spill did happen to let go the might of misery,
smile did appear to please the unknown,
a thank you murmured by menial me...
and moved once again to unknown,
in search? I doubt... to explore thee...
little did one realize the vicious sea,
of innate eternal virtue of just being me...


A shadow.....

A sway of warmth and a shadow unseen,
Days that went by, famed and jocundly screened,
Shall I emote the gratitude and the smile alike?
Its been ages it feels, blissful and sighing.....
Neither it is a prayer nor my plea,
the generous forgiving and an eternal bliss,
that is how it has been and may it be.....!