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Dance of death

There was a massacre in Bihar where caste based feud led to a manslaughter.This poem I wrote in 1999.

When an officer raised his finger,
To index the dead,
When started to count and number,
In thousands were the heads,
Their faces depicted the jadedness,
The horrific death was the last night princess,
Their conditions told the whole story,
How devils look and their wrong deeds,
How humanity can vanish,
And how inhumanity flourished,
The defenders send the offenders,
To stage a dance of death,
When the whole nature was asleep,
Pins tempered on bullets to intrude chests bit deep,
Without knowing the sin punishment was received,
In peaceful night death slowly creped,
One after one heap of bodies was made,
Among the heaps somewhere the body of humanity was laid!



island of peace said...

how can people do it?

its really a great shame when human beings turn against each other with/without reasons.

Jingle said...

life is full of dramas,
it is true that certain group of people hold strong biases aginst others...
thank you for the highlight.

Anonymous said...

unrest- how to be civil?

Jingle said...


one poetry award,
three general awards,
Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. So powerful.

Jingle said...


time to vote again,
please scan the links and vote for 1 to 20 poets, thank you in advance!

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