Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!


The souls so close to me,
Wishes for them I have,
My heart utters on every eve,
To wish them a happy life,
How it feels so close to them,
Lonely, but in their world,
Soothing for me, complacent with my role,
Their love and trust gives me the power,
Their talks put me on the tower,
It makes me feel as in heaven I reside,
Having no reason to resign,
They have bought me for trust,
And they can lose me for a defy,
It’s hard but true,
My life that sues,
As I have woes to say,
And foes to chase,
But true to my words I shall stay!!

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Anonymous said...

Biologist and writer...dats really gr8....i hv read ur poems....really u hv a gud writing skill..