Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!

Love prevailed...

To narrate about one,
Who once uttered few words,
As if spied and created few codes,
In the territory of love’s enemy,
Where ruled a king of wrong and subtle,
Should he have bowed or fought till death,
But out of fear he sheltered himself for health,
Emotions at heart never said,
Died suffocated but never cried,
Brain tackled down the heart,
Tears appeared dried and calm,
His conscious died the same second,
No one praised but all wanted to scold forever,
On the brink of hell he decided the wrong,
Now in fire of hell and pains pond,
No one came to care for his wounds,
He was deserted like a one deserted from a hound,
Then one day the soul he defied came,
As if asking with stony eyes and gave him a stare,
Had nullified expressions and eyes to scare,
As hand she forwarded he could feel the neck getting stiff,
That hand progressed but rested coolly on his head,
A drop of mist dropped down her cheeks,
With trembling voice tried to utter but lips seized,
Asking how are you? Who changed the scenes?
His head dropped in shame and couldn’t rise,
She held his hand forgiving, telling lets start again,
His brain realized the wrongs his skull did,
He dropped to her knees admitting guilt,
But she held him consoling forgiving for his deeds,
First time he wept and his soul freed,
Itself from cage of bones,
Dropping to his feet the wounded tons,
Tons of greedy flesh and ashamed brain,
Punishing himself for her pains,
And to say I regret,
I never loved but your love prevailed...


Greg said...

great!!! :D

Tracey said...

Had to read it a few times, like a film or even a play condensed into a poem - talented you are :~)

R, TGC said...

Its great, Amit, as usual :)