Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!


The words uttered by my heart,
Shall go, make a cloud, shall leave a mark,
My dreams shall dictate, break, limits for the destiny,
My deeds should be such that never fail any scrutiny,
But why for my heart these cries,
The revelations for my heart not so nice,
Dreams were of blooming decorated shrines,
But why I feel left alone in barren ravines,
Days in these scary shades,
Nights go past in undefined haze,
I move shattered but crawling through,
Life like thorny bushes bruising me on every move,
Somewhere in heart something murmurs,
My tears will pay for my life precursors,
My lips will bear the smile as innate,
Divinity in my heart should surely intimate,
The sorrows shall some how go,
My heart shall be there with laughter flow,
Shall it be I wish it ought to be
My heart shall feel relieved with a glee,
No more pangs of shrewd carves,
My life should come out of the jocund cast!

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