Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!

When Bee stopped to say something...

Nor did I say why petals are so soft?
Still all the flowers are soft and tender per say,
I would wonder why not just petals grow as flowers,
And let it sway with each passing ray….

But a passing bee stopped on me and says….
If that may be the way,
From where would I get my sweeten,
Who will make sting covered heaven??

A thought that burdened my imagination,
I still had a solution,
Why not you suck it from the petals?
And go about you’re raptly way….


1 comment:

Laura Lawless said...

I love it! It speaks of a divine communion with nature, with the divine within nature. You have much talent. Keep writing your words of deep mystical meaning. Blessings to you.