Each word is a new poem... each breath a new rhyme... Each smile a new beginning... each day a blessing sublime!


For all, hunger would long for food till contention,
But water filled mouth at times do have exception.......

As at times a tasteful bite would fail for panging stomach,
those tasty recesses in school and now my eyes drenched forever,
though I never felt sleepy in classes that followed,
but why these dollars worth food fails even with hype when swallowed,

I never remembered the effort she would put to make my lunch tasteful,
but now, battered bruised I cook for myself it seems efforts so stooped,
Even same recipes would fail to taste the same,
and her tips though the same would just be in vain,

Now over virtual world I smile to her telling,
I cook great and that keeps her happy,
I know its not bad what I cook,
But pampering that her food accompanied,
is just missing........

Though my words lack the impression of being true,
one needs to miss what is it to rue........
I miss you mom not just the food but the pampering...
that you would do......



Miriyala said...

I really liked it and I miss my mom too

Amit Khanna said...

thanks Miriyala. it was inspired by the feeling that we all have.