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Indian cricket win

Did anyone ever mention Indian cricket team is a looser when it comes to overseas series? Yes we all thought so and when they win this series in August 2007 with score 1-0, to be honest they won it and won it with fairly good display of cricketing skills that happens to be an Exception in itself. Well being a fan and follower of Indian cricket I am too happy today to criticize them at this moment. Well, if you ask me after some weeks I will be same old Indian fan lynching their virtue on one defeat they accept and there seems to be no exception to that.

" though I owe my life to the soil,
but my sweat appears pale in toil,
my effort though full enforced,
I am labeled as looser fawn"

These lines some up the the state of mind our Indian team is in. I would refrain myself from criticizing the Dravid's strategy of batting without enforcing follow on. Because the result is too sweat to talk soar. And for now I have to finish this blog sans bitching about Indian cricket team.

Enjoy the Exception as life is too short to be regularized.

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